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BCUA Dropship's Benefits

Benefits of Baju Comel Untuk Anak's Dropship

1. Enjoy great discount for all of our items (except clearance sale).

*Cumulative sales might be changed from time to time

2. Guidance how to promote your business online and how to boost your sales!
3. Facebook support group for BCUA's Dropship Agents.

4. Monthly best dropship's agent award according to monthly sales target

How to sign up as a Dropship agent

1. REGISTER as a member of Baju Comel Untuk Anak.

2. Place an order for Dropship Account (WWW.BAJUCOMELUNTUKANAK.COM.MY/DROPSHIP-ACCOUNTand proceed to make payment of RM50 as the commitment fee (non-refundable). The reason for the payment is for your commitment to keep you motivated. People rarely appreciate free things! Plus, we will personally guide you how to start your online business which we have spent thousands for the knowledge.
3. Once your account has been created, please send your details (Name registered in website & your website/blog/facebook URL that will be used for business) to ADMIN@BAJUCOMELUNTUKANAK.COM.MY for the next step with email Subject DROPSHIP.
4. We will upgrade your account to Dropship account within 3 working days once we have verified your details.
5. Please go through the FAQ section found in DROPSHIP page thoroughly. Your questions/concerns are mostly answered in the section.